Businesses are changing the way they sell their products and services. The subscription economy is booming, and the traditional transactional business model is old news. Out with the old, in with the new!

Subscription-based business models are designed to create recurring revenue streams, give a personalized service and achieve higher levels of customer engagement. Billforward provides the tools you need to set up a recurring revenue-based business model.

It may seem difficult for established enterprises to make the shift to a subscription business. Current solutions for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management are not typically equipped for the subscription economy. You need an enterprise billing system designed for developing business models.

Billforward offers a cloud-based enterprise billing system that has a flexible system of integrated applications to automate and manage billing, collections and many complex back office operations.

With Billforward, subscription enterprise businesses can increase customer retention, improve productivity and simplify their business operations.

Our enterprise billing system supports:

    • Automated billing
    • Easy invoice creation
    • Invoice splitting
    • Flexible customer payment methods
    • Check or cash offline payments
    • Dunning and collections
    • Unlimited currency options
    • Calculating and remitting taxes
    • Integration with current ERP and CRM systems
    • Quote-to-Cash
    • Defining subscriptions and managing the customer subscription lifecycle
    • Simple adjustable pricing and packaging structures
    • Automated accounting processes
    • Building and testing new products and packages in minutes