Build Less. Bill More. 

We know companies don’t have the months, or years, it can take to write subscription and billing code. They need flexible and robust options now. That’s why Billforward gives you the tools to quickly and easily create pricing models in every shape and size so you can get to launching and testing products instead of wasting precious time writing code.

Flexibility with subscription frequency

Billforward will calculate how much to invoice your customer, and when, based on the frequency you select for billing – from minutes to years. You can even build in a free trial.

Leverage different billing models

Bill customers based on usage for a billing cycle, bill them in advance or in arrears, set up ad hoc or one-time payments, or bill setup and registration fees.

Experiment with pricing

Price your product based on a per unit, fixed or bucket fee. Or offer customers tiered or volume pricing where they pay less the more they use.

Offer customer discounts

Allow customers to use coupons or discounts on products or services. Billforward lets you select from a fixed amount or a percentage discount offer.

Change subscription plans

Upgrade, downgrade or change the plan your customer is on.

Allow multiple plans on one account

Customers with more than one subscription can have everything consolidated into one account and one invoice so you can easily sell multiple plans or services.

Set payment thresholds

Don’t send an invoice unless the owed amount is above a set number to avoid nickel and diming customers. Instead, aggregate the costs until they reach a minimum threshold.

Send billing notification

Communicate invoices or plan changes with customers via preconfigured notifications and emails.